DD's life in an eggshell

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri May 27 13:50:16 CEST 1994

Knut Hunstad wrote, when I quoted an HDL-file from ftp:
> About HDL: Guess I should have checked the archives first...

Don't be ashamed not to have checked them. The archives are getting quite
big, and one can't expect everyone to have read them all.

About the Rota story "DD's life in an eggshell", I said
> The story is FULL of references to DD cartoons (WWII and others), Barks 
> stories and some stories my Rota himself. I haven't read the story for a 
> while

I re-read the story yesterday and I must admit that there are not
that much references. I guess the story became better in my memory...

> About DD and the frog: when you mention it, I _do_ remember some cartoon 
> where he thinks a frog under his shirt is his heart.

That's from Barks' story about G-2, the jumping frog, WDC 108.

> Where did you see DD bullfighting like that, BTW?

It looks a lot like DD in "Dangerous Disguise" (with secret-agent Tripe-X)
from Four Color Comic 308. The previous panel shows madame Triple-X.

> The parts where the frames are parts of a story are OK, but I 
> don't like the long series of one-frame gags. I miss the details that make 
> you see something new each time you read the story.

Ah, you want details? Then you must be a fan of Rosa, not Rota.. 8-)

> My point is that even if I might not quite be able to explain why, this 
> story didn't give me that feeling of a good story when I first read it

Well, it _did_ give me that feeling, but I change my mind now that I
read it again.

> Just curious: what's coral barques?
I got my signature quote from the story "Treasure under Glass" by Don Rosa.
Long ago, Per Starback spotted the joke and posted it on this list.
In a panel where HDL are diving and seeing an old ship on the sea bottom,
they say:

- It's just another empty barque!  [ A barque is some kind of ship ]
- Maybe it was one that cut _coral_ for building forts on the keys
  where they had no stone!
- Yeah... I've _heard_ of coral barques!

The joke is that "coral barques" sounds like some well-known Duck comic
artist who did many very good Duck stories between 1942 and 1967. 

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