Disney-comics digest #341.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Sun May 29 06:49:49 CEST 1994

	My phone number isn't private. It's (502)2313399. It's in all
the phone books. Living in America and doing Duck comics doesn't mean I
need to have an unlisted phone number.
	I need to find out about this 5-page letter that the CB Studio
sent out to make sure I was "no where near Germany" when Barks was
there, as if he had the right to dictate where I go when I decide to.
This is all getting TOO strange for words. Why do these people have such
a deathly fear of me???

	In case there isn't a new Digest to reply to before Monday, this
may be my last message on here for a week or so. Since Barks wasn't able
to stop me, I leave Monday (same day HE does) for a trip to Europe. I'll
be in Germany until the following Monday. 

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