Disney-comics digest #342.

Mikko Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Mon May 30 13:41:32 CEST 1994

Don wrote:
> My phone number isn't private. It's (502)2313399.

   Yes I know, but what if I send it to AA, and they print it.
   You receive phonecalls from Finland in Finnish like three in the 
   morning that says: plah plah plah Don Rosa plah plah disney plah plah. 
   What I need to know is can they print anything from that file without
   your permission. 

> I need to find out about this 5-page letter that the CB Studio
> sent out to make sure I was "no where near Germany" when Barks was
> there, as if he had the right to dictate where I go when I decide to.

    According to Paula it was 1.5 (page and half) long. It was something
    about Barks threatening to cancel the whole thing if they don't
    agree with his terms. 

Finnish AA 21/94:
  Featured story by Rosa and Jan Kruse. ( 'H 87178  Give Unto Others' )   
Somebody wrote:
> * In Dark Africa ("Darkest Africa") - a 3 part serial. Has never been
>   published before!

  Finland decided to publish this in one part form. According
  to Paula they had to reschelude many stories in Aku Ankka. 
  For example recolor some older story etc. So, some future
  numbers of AA are different from its 'sister'books.


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