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Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Wed Nov 2 20:25:50 CET 1994

Now I'm replying to myself...

After I wrote my last letter, another story with a Disney movie 
universe character came to mind. It's a Chip & Dale story where 
they are having trouble with Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear. To solve 
that problem they have to grow big. Bigger than the fox and the 
bear. Not too easy for a couple of chipmunks. Then the fairy 
(what do you call the nice (and not so nice) women, doing magic 
in "Cinderella" and "The sleeping beauty"?) from Cinderella appears 
and make them big. Bigger than any other animal (there are no 
elephants in this forest (oops forgot about Dumbo, but he's not big)).
If they say the magic words they grow big. If they repeat them,
they shrink to normal size.

Once they grow, they bang their heads into a tree, and forget the
words. Therefore they find a cinema theater showing Cinderella and
listen to the part where the words are said.

Later the fairy comes back to congratulate them with the idea of
watching the movie.

The only explanation to this story, if it's supposed to be real,
is, of course, that the fairy is a fairy, and can do anything...
     Or... was she in the movie, and couldn't be able to get out
to the forest until the movie was over, or did she just watch the
chipmunks watching a movie in which she'd played a role in once?

I don't suppose that anyone will answer these questions. The story 
is just an example of a strange Disney story.   

That forest must be some forest, BTW! If all characters seen 
together really live in the same forest all the time (if A is
seen with B, and B is seen with C, the A and C...) there are
a lot of inhabitants. The wolfs, the pigs, Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox,
Br'er Bear, Bongo, Chip & Dale, Dumbo, the Dwarfs etc.
Then we have the stories with The Big Bad Wolf and Grandma Duck,
and Donald is often seen together with Chip & Dale. Mickey Mouse,
and especially Pluto have also met Chip & Dale. Looks like _one_
big universe to me...
   In a few Christmas stories they are really together all of them.
In one of them, Chief O'Hara is singing together with the ducks and
other characters (1969, the Riverboat theatre story).

I don't mean this to be an argument for an "official" removal of
the "borders" between the universes, but I think these examples 
illustrates that the borders aren't too clear, and it depends on 
what stories you have grown up with how you define the universes.

Hmmm... I've never seen Little Toot together with Moby Duck. No, 
that would have been too strange.

If anyone is confused by a particular word I used several times in
my last letters... the word "quiet" is supposed to be "quite".
Thanx to a nice member of the list for correcting me on this :-)

And as H. J. Bjornhaug says, Rotor McKvakk's name is, of course,
Launchpad McQuack in English.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at

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