Disney-comics digest #488.

Bev Keddy nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca
Fri Nov 11 02:14:13 CET 1994

>Don was wondering if my  name is actually Beverly.  I'm saddened to report 
that that is indeed my name.  My full name is Beverly David Keddy.  I was 
named after my uncle on my mother's side.  When I was born, Uncle Bev 
hadn't had any children yet, so she decided to name me after him.  Bev was 
named after a doctor in Grand Manan Island, off the coast of New 

I kinda wish some other uncle hadn't had kids yet so that I could have had 
a more dignified name.

You wouldn't believe some of the mail I get.  A few years ago I received an
offer for a free pair of pantyhose.  This was before I was seeing my 
girlfriend, so I kept it for a laugh.  I eventually sent it to Don and 
Maggie at CBG as a joke.

There are a surprising number of males  in Nova Scotia who have tradition 
women's names.  The head of the Computer Science department at my university
(that was my major) was a guy named Leslie Oliver, and I have known some guys
named Kim.  I have also known of some other men named Beverly.  It doesn't 
happen often, but it does happen.

Oh, you didn't say when you expect "The Lost Maps of Atlantis" to be 
published by Gladstone.  Do you have any idea?

Keep up the great work.
 Bev Keddy
 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Email:nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca

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