Jack Benny (was - engine of Donald's car)

James Williams James_Williams at ess.niaid.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Mon Nov 14 14:25:43 CET 1994

I'm only 31, so unfortunately I completely missed Jack Benny.  My 
only exposure to him was a few rerun episodes of his television 
show I saw about 20 years ago.  The only episode I recall dealt
with a Jack Benny being extremely stingy.  All of his money was kept 
in a vault under the house and the vault was protected by all sorts 
of booby traps.  The similarities between Jack Benny's character and
Uncle Scrooge are amazing.  

Which came first Uncle Scrooge or Jack Benny's character?  I'd guess 
it was Jack Benny's character.  If so, was Jack Benny's character an 
inspiration for Uncle Scrooge?  Or, were both character inspired
by some third source, I'm not aware of?

Were any other Disney characters based on other famous characters?

James Williams


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