Mike Pohjola mikep at
Sat Nov 19 15:47:42 CET 1994

    Please tell me, if/when I do some mistakes in here. It's my first
time in a mailing list.
    Are there any other 'canon' duck-drawers, but Rosa and Barks?
I mean, is Al Taliafferro, for instance counted as a one?
    You said something about the motor of 313, which doesn't seem to match
excactly the model of the body. Well, maybe Barks didn't know that much
about motors and thought they all looked the same (I did, before I read
your writing).
DON: (have to say something to you, so my friend will turn green ;)
    Has there ever been a Barks (or somebody else) story, about Scrooge
sticking that rifle in the ice? See, this's been troubling me for years
now and I still am not sure. I seem to remember a story published in
'60s at Finland, where he did that. But that's just about all I do
remember. It's tearing me apart!
    I don't think, Jack Benny was anyhow an inspiration to Uncle Scrooge
(though I haven't seen a single episode of his show), but I think, that
the first scetches of US were inspired by Ebenezer Scrooge. Wasn't that
christmas story the first? Bah, humbug!-)
    You asked Jorgen about those Disney Afternoon cartoons in Scandinavia.
Well, FInland isn't Scandinavia, but very close of it, so... First of all,
most Finns like to think cartoons as something only for kids. (Including
Simpsons and Beavis and Butt-head) And the fact, there are animals in
there, make them even more 'childish'. So, there's Darkwing Duck and
Little Mermaid cartoons shown every sunday morning speaking English. I like
DD, but LM goes little over the top... "Hi, daddy. It followed me home, can
I keep it?" ;)


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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