Disney-comics digest #503.

Fredrik Ekman ekman at lysator.liu.se
Mon Nov 28 20:27:09 CET 1994


What I am saying (or trying to say) is that canon is a highly personal 
subject and that there simply are no rights or wrongs. We all have our 
favourites. Of course, there are some that are almost universally 
regarded as canon, such as Barks and Gottfredson. Don will probably be 
one of those within a few years, too.


I based what I wrote on an interview that I read a few years ago in one 
of those free magazines that you get on the ferries to Denmark. In the 
article, two Egmont editors (or something like that) clearly stated, more 
than once, that they have Barks's ducks as a role-model. This, I would 
say, is also the case for the artists. It may well be, however, that many 
of the writers know nothing (or very little) about Barks. And of course, 
there may be a tremendous difference between what one aims for and what 
one actually achieves. These editors seemed aware that their stories were 
not up to Barks's standards, but they blamed this mainly on the fact that 
they have to produce so much more each year than Barks did.


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