Pocket books etc.

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Nov 30 23:00:40 CET 1994

German pocket books
Seems to me that I started a discussion I didn't want to start... :)
I don't know what the Germans did with these books, but the compilation
of Italian stories in the pocket books is done in Germany, isn't it?
They certainly don't look like they're redrawn. I just remembered that 
these folks, whoever they were, said that the "stupid" Italian stories
had to be partly redrawn and rescripted to be understood by people used
to Barks' stories. Seems just like the usual arrogance (if it wasn't done
by Barks, it's not worth reading) that some people show, to me.
What I am refering to is a newspaper article in (probably) Aftenposten 
some years ago, about some "fight" against the degrading of the Duck
universe. To make it better, they attacked Italian artists.

Apropos Italian artists, or maybe Spanish... I was looking through some
issues of Mikke Krim (Mickey Mystery) yesterday, and suddenly I realized
that the art, which I like, is very similar to the art in that stupid
story with Mickey on a farm (D93477), which we slightly discussed some 
weeks ago. I haven't checked them too close yet, but -- the art really
looked similar. Well, everyone can have a bad day, I guess. If it's Xavi
who draws every Mickey Mystery story, he must be a busy man.

BTW: A hard cover "pocket book" has just been published here in Norway.
I haven't bought it yet, but it seems to be filled with Italian Christmas
stories. 256 pages, just like the pocket books.

Here in Norway, we only get a little more than 700 regular pages a month...


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