Disney-comics digest #449.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Oct 3 11:05:00 CET 1994

I have a new employer (some other pedartment of the Dutch telephone and mail
company), and a new e-mail address. This also means I have gone into
"Mattias-mode": I only receive the Digests here, and my mails may be delayed
a little (one mail from this address last week was delayed more than a day!)

I hope I don't talk about things that others have already mentioned by the
time this mail arrives...

Now to the digest:

OLE about Moe, the Hillbilly character:
>  He doesn't have neither beak nor blot-nose. Unless his
> down-to-his-knees-beard hide a pair of dog ears, that makes him a
> close relative to homo sapiens, another 'missing link'.

Now I'm 100% sure I have never seen this character anywhere.

Ole quotes Mikko:
> > Can you give some codes of [Ben Verhagen's] stories?

I have tried to send a new version of the Disney comics Database to Per,
so that he can put it on ftp.lysator.liu.se. This time also the C-sources
are available (bugs included...). I guess we'll hear more about it when
Per succeeds to unzip my files...

One easy thing to do is to make a complete list of Verhagen's (or any 
other artist's) work. Mikko: if you want one, I can send it to you.

>        "Bedank Fluks maar! Hij heeft het grote werk gedaan!"

Actually, this quote ("Thanks to Fluks! He's done most of the work!") is from
a Bucky Bug story recently published in Dutch DD, where a character appears 
named "Fluks Vingervlug". Fluks is his FIRST name, so this insect cannot be 
related to me... (The Dutch word 'fluks' means 'quickly'.)

Would it be OK if I typed in the Wendigo poem here on the list? Am I 
violating any copyrights if I copy the text of a part of an unpublished 

JO/RGEN, and others:

The original Junior Woodchucks scripts by Barks were drawn by Kay Wright
and Tony Strobl. Strobl once said in an interview that Barks' scripts were
so worked out that he could almost trace them.
I think the original penciled pages were returned to Barks by his editor.
Barks then signed them, cleaned up some "sloppy art", and sold them or gave
them away.
Most of the penciled pages were published in the Carl Barks Library. 
THESE VERSIONS were used by the Dutch editor: they gave Jippes
photocopies from the CBL. Jippes enlarged them a lot, re-penciled them and 
then inked them. Though the first two stories got codes H 9201 and H 9202,
they were already finished in October, 1991.

(fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl)

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