Disney-comics digest #454.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Oct 7 03:59:22 CET 1994

	Yes, I knew you'd be interested in knowing that your Magica
story was in the mainland Disney editions, but I didn't know when you'd
pop up on the Digest. The story was in the #39 issues for Sept. 29...
perhaps the same week as the British use? The story title is
"Dobbelt-heksen" and the incantation is "dobbelthex!" Is that "double
hex" or just a coincidental similarity in sound?
	Oh, sure, I knew that the anti-Rosa slant of all of Barks'
European interviews was mostly or entirely the work of the Weasel. One
of the reasons that so many reporters send me copies of the interviews
where I'm mentioned seeking an explanation is that the Weasel is so
awkward and obvious in his manipulation of the interview to attack me. A
French reporter sent me another one just last week; the interview goes
on in a normal way, discussing all the topics you would expect, then
when it was over, the Weasel pipes up and tells the reporter that
there's one more thing he should hear, then turns to Barks and asks
"Carl, what do you think about the sequels to your stories that Don Rosa
does?" -- Barks will then be prodded until he says something about how
his stories did not need sequels (and of course they don't), and then
the Weasel takes it in hand to add that my artwork and storytelling is
poor, etc., etc. Sure, it's quite obvious to the reporters that Barks
is manipulated on that subject, that's why they inform me of so much of
it. This reporter told me that he later talked to Barks in private, and
he said that he liked my stories just fine and there was room for all
styles. He also said that he never drew the Ducks to conform to
Disney's "style" either, so why should I. 
	I know what's going on -- the proper party will pay the piper.

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