Disney-comics digest #455.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Oct 8 04:29:08 CET 1994

	No, I didn't use your idea for the Lentil cover since you never
sent a sketch of it and I couldn't recall the details (though I seem to
recall it was rather "vertical" with the Beagles at the top, and I
didn't know how to fit them up there where the logo is. Keep in mind how
difficult it is to show Beagles and Ducks in the same scene -- non-Duck
characters are so much LARGER than the Ducks that it's always very
difficult to show the Ducks big enough with the "people" small enough.
You may never have noticed how rarely Barks ever showed full-figure
Ducks and people in the same scene. I never hesitate to do so, and I
also never hesitate to decide that I've drawn the "people" too small or
squat when unsuccessfully dealing with the problem.
	Anyway, I still need to do a SECOND lentil cover for part 3.
Describe your idea to me again.
	"Sir Donald McDuck"? I had a Sir Donald McDuck in my first draft
of the first chapter of the "Lo$", when it dealt a great deal with the
entire history of the McDuck family; I rewote it all when I was told
that I had too much McDuck and too little $crooge.
	Why do I no longer use Neighbor Jones? Because I no longer do
the short "gag" stories where Donald stays around the house and does
slapstick hijinx. 

	Don't go nuts trying to find the "D.U.C.K." in all my covers and
splash panels. The Barks camp knocked the willingness outta me to do
that so freely as I used to. Now I only put it in covers based on one of
his stories, or in my stories that are sequels and the accompanying
covers (including the "Lo$" series). Other than that, I can't see a
reason for it. I'm sure this confuses readers no end, but...
	My version of the afterlife you see in the "Lo$" part V -- I'm
sure you don't lose sight of the fact that this is only a comic book,
right? I hope you don't really think that *I* think that people in
"heaven" stand around on clouds and talk. But I never intended to imply
that even in this comic version that everyone there was playing golf for
all eternity -- that is just what the Scottish folks were doing that
moment. Maybe the Irish folks were getting drunk, the Italian folk were
doing something else -- heck, I dunno. (But, of course, that version of
"heaven" is as accurate and sensible as any other I've ever heard of.)

	Yes, I purposely had the sun out of place in order to show the
dawn and the rainbow in the same scene. But you're the second person to
have found that so noticeable -- I didn't think most readers would spot
that so readily. I could so easilly have asked Gladstone to drop the sun
orb out of the shot in their reprinting. Oh, well...

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