Horsing around with history

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Oct 11 12:44:01 CET 1994

Don Rosa asked Jorgen Bangor (which doesn't stop me from answering :-)
> Why was your message titled "Trojan Horse"? You didn't mention
> any Trojan Horse.

Probably because he replied to a message by Knut Hunstad with the same
subject line.  Usually mail programs keep the subject--sometimes prefixed
by "Re: "--when you reply to another message.  Haven't you (Don)
noticed that your own replies to the digests keep the same subject as
the digests had?

As for The Trojan Horse, or "Horsing Around With History" as we now
know its title is, I met Swedish duck translator Stefan Di"os the
other day, and asked him if he had translated it yet, and why it
hasn't appeared in the Swedish book, even though it recently was
published in Norway.  Evidently the Swedish editors didn't want to
have it in two parts, so they'll put it on hold for some special size
book where they will run the whole of it in one issue at the very end
of this year.

Then Jorgen asked:
> Per, when are the digests put together/sent out?

Currently each night starting at 1.13 my local time, i.e., 13 minutes
past midnight GMT.

Don wrote (to Mattias):
>	It won't be long now before I may or may not see you on my tour
> of Sweden and Norway later this month.

At least I will be in Gotenburg too.  And then at the "Alvsj"o comics
fair too, which I guess more Swedish Donaldists will attend.
--       "
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