Disney-comics digest #459.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Wed Oct 12 14:47:50 CET 1994


>James, did you say you're currently writing a Duck story that involves a 
>witches' coven that is trying to corrupt the eternal souls of humanity? 

Not exactly.  Here's the basic concept.  Magica gets mad at the way
witches are being portrayed in a comic books.  So, one night she sneaks
in and makes the comics more "authentic".  The only problem is that
when people read these comics aloud, they unknowingly cast these
"authentic" spells.  Chaos results and Magica has to save the day.

>but I could mention the Holy Grail in those pages, whereas NOT in a 
>Duck comic -- nor, I think, should I.

Agreed.  I think religion has little or no place in a duck comic.

>Who's reading the COMPUSERVE Disney-comics-section? 

What's to read.  There's only been two messages in the last
week.  The more time I spend on other Disney lists, the more
I'm amazed by the quality of this one.

James Williams

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