Disney-comics digest #459.

DAVID.A.GERSTEIN 9475609 at arran.sms.edinburgh.ac.uk
Wed Oct 12 14:37:44 CET 1994

      Hello again, folks.

      First, as of last notification, "Horsing Around with History" 
is supposed to get its American publication in USA #33.  Or so John 
Clark told me.

> That sounds like the previously discussed "This is Your Life, Donald 
> Duck" to me. Although I don't remember seeing any Grandpa, Donald spent 
> his childhood years on Grandma's farm in that story.

      And why with Grandma, and not his actual parents?  I hate to 
break this to all of you (especially you, Don), but when indexing 
WDC&S for 1947-1950 for Harry last summer, I discovered something 
very shocking in the first few years of Taliaferro's Grandma strips.  
Grandma consistently refers to Donald as her son!  I don't know how 
this is going to affect anything (especially as AT created Grandma).
      And according to those rather bad Grandma stories of early-'50s 
WDC&S, Grandma's (apparently deceased) husband was named Humperdink.  
Consistently.  Did you go with that, Don?  I have not seen 
the Duck Family Tree (indeed, I have no idea when or if Gladstone 
plans to publish it) and I don't know what name you gave him.  All I 
remember now is that Grandma was originally a Coot.  (Well, not that 
she isn't, now... ;-)

> And thanks for all the French names. Pity I didn't have them a week ago. 
> Now you'll have to wait for them to show up in the Names list.

      Did I mention, Fredrik, that in French Sylvester Shyster is 
named Chicaneau?  (from "chicanery", I guess)  Seems like old Shyster 
gets some really good foreign names (in German, "Baldwin 
Beutelschneider" is particularly inspired).

      Has WDC&S #594 come out?  Last week the Edinburgh comic shop 
got in US #'289.  They told me that the week before they had 
gotten DDA #29, so were quite mixed up as to why there was a US, not 
a WDC&S, this week.  Does anyone have WDC&S #594?  Were the release 
weeks for WDC&S and US switched this time?
      BTW, WDC&S #595 will apparently have Van Horn's Xmas story in 
it.  The one we have called "Fight on Bonebreaker Mountain" should 
then be "Deck Us All," according to a press release.  "The Better 
Life" (the one that's apparently in #594) is what we have called 
"Strike in the House."  And we have the title right on "The Terror of 
Duckburg," which is apparently going to be in #596 according to John 

      Well, I'm off for now.  But, of course, I'll be back.



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