Whose Grandma?

Suzy Shaw SUZSHAW at nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 14 13:43:45 CET 1994

     Of course, I'm not the expert the rest of you are, but when I was
growing up reading the original '40s-'50s Barks stories, I always assumed
Grandma was the *nephews'* grandmother, not Donald's. Maybe this comes
from having the kid P.O.V., and therefore identifying more with the
nephews than with Donald. Whenever my parents would speak of ''going
to Grandma's house,'' they meany to *my* grandma's, not theirs.
     I realize it's Barks' world and he therefore gets to make the rules,
but I can't help but suspect he either forgot or changed his mind in
later years.
--Suzy Shaw
suzshaw at nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu
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