Grandmas, Parents, and Friends

James Williams James_Williams at
Thu Oct 13 21:16:50 CET 1994

>Since in "This Is Your Life, Donald Duck," we see that Grandma 
>raised Donald on the farm, 

I think that most of us would not consider "TIYL,DD" cannonical, but
it does raise an good question.  Where did Donald grow up and who 
raised him?

>Of course, this raises the question of what happened to Donald's 
>parents, but then as we have discussed many times before, parents are 
>conveniently absent from most Disney comics.  

The lack of parents never bothered me, the lack of friends always will.
Make a list of Donald's closest friends.  Subtract from it anyone
who is related to Donald.  I bet when you're done, the list is empty.

James Williams

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