Disney-comics digest #462.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Oct 15 04:53:33 CET 1994

	Funny you should mention Donald not having any close friends in
the stories. I think somebody in a "publisher" position (i.e. someone
who knows nothing about writing or drawing or stories or humor or
anything else, but who all those who DO must obey) has decided that
Donald should have a best pal to be in his stories with him. And the
editors and writers are sore about this since the publisher cannot think
through his idea enough to realize that this "best pal" would serve no
function in a Donald story... that's why there's never been one. He
can't be more flawed a character than Donald or he's steal the stories
from him. He would therefore need to be the saner of the duo... and this
is the function that the nephew team fulfills, but Donald doesn't need
to follow the Kids' advice since they're just kids. If there was an
adult around with Donald to tell him how to act like an adult the whole
story system would collapse.

	I will arrive in Goteborg on Oct. 27 and attend the entire book
fair. On that Sunday afternoon I'll go to Oslo to do who knows what they
have lined up as far as promotional tours or whatever. Then on Thursday
evening I'll go to Stockholm and leave there early Monday.
	But I thought you knew: Ann won't be coming. I had agreed to a
nearly 2-week trip only if I managed to find a way for her to accompany
me for part of the trip. Then we were invited to Germany for several
weeks in June. Ann can't take off so much time from work other than
about ONE week somewhere, and she finally decided to use that week in
Germany. She loved Scandanavia... but given the choice of seeing
Scandanavia a second time in the winter, and seeing Germany for the
first time and in the spring... she decided on Germany. The problem is
that I was already tied to a 2-week trip here coming up... and I'm a
little sorry about that now. I'll enjoy it loads -- but that's an extra
long time to be separated from both my wife and my PAYING job.

	I've said this so many times that I'm sure it's tantamount to
nagging. But I really don't need for you to repeat passages of my past
messages, or (as in this case) almost my ENTIRE other message, just so
you can comment on it. I know what I said -- and all this repeating just
needlessly adds to the costs for those of us who are paying by the ounce
to read these Digests. I know I'm a voice in the wilderness, but I
really think everyone can carry on these discussions the same way I
do... you note I never repeat people's messages to them when I reply.
Are my replies unclear as a result? Tell me if they are. I just think
these Digests can be reduced in size about 25-30% by refraining from
all this repeating.
	(And PLEASE... I am NOT picking on you!)

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