Disney-comics digest #464.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Mon Oct 17 13:51:56 CET 1994

	Ehapa IS Egmont. Didn't you know? Or do you mean that you think
the job will be better done by the album-publishing branch rather than
the comic-publishing branch? Even if that's what you mean, I don't think
you're right. Ehapa is publishing the German "Don Rosa Library" album
series, and though they do have it hand-lettered, that's the only
difference between the comics version and the album version of those
same stories. The lettering is hand-done, but it's not all that good,
and the letterer still doesn't make any attempt to letter signs and
background details in any other style than that used in the dialogue
balloons (which looks really stupid). They use the same coloring, which
is completely uninspired (though well printed). And they are just as
careless... the latest edition has a large sign on the cover which they
didn't bother to put the intended lettering on, so it's just staring at
you totally blank.
	But they DO give me credit for my work.
	But they don't pay me royalties for the use of that work, just
like the comics people. (Or, to be fair, it's Disney that doesn't send
me my share of the royalties that are paid them for the use of my work).

	I'm pretty sure we knew that Ann wasn't coming to Scandanavia
when you visited here. Or maybe we only thought she might not. Or maybe
we never happened to discuss that trip? Anyway, after you left, I think
she said you'd maentioned maybe showing her around somemore like you did
on that other trip, and I asked her is she had told you that she
wouldn't or might not be coming, and she said she hadn't for some
reason. Anyway, if I had known that she would end up not coming, I
wouldn't have agreed to go to the Stockholm convention, not that I don't
wish to, but it's just too long for her to stay home by herself.
	But I'd like you to help me out here on something else. Give me
a list of the names of all the Duck fans in your group who I've met in
Sweden on my previous trips (besides you and Stefan) along with some
very brief description. I meet so many people at once, and they all have
such unusual (to an American) names that I never can call them all to
mind, and I hate to seem rude! I'll make a note of what you tell me so
that I can "study" it a bit.
	And yes, I don't see why we can't just say something like:
	"Mattias -- in reference to what you said about those plastic
monkies, I think that blah blah blah". I can't see a reason to ever
reprint people's actual messages even in part. But I hope it can be kept
down to a bare minimum at least. In any case, there's never a reason to
reprint more than a single line or so.

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