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H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Oct 17 10:35:09 CET 1994

I promised to type in the English Wendigo "poetry". I thought it was
a small part of the story. But now that I re-read the script, I realise
that EVERYTHING the Wendigos say is "poetry".
I didn't even notice that when I read the English text the first time.
I guess that is because I don't read the English loud, and it wasn't 
rhyming. The original Barks story was like this as well, I guess... I only
read the Dutch version of it.

So I agree with Don now: the poetry pieces would make no sense if you don't
have the entire story.

**** start of boring Database stuff ****

David (good you found access to internet again):

>       Harry, this story is now known as "The Gleam" (remember, Mickey 
> has solved many jewel robberies) and will be titled as such when 
> Gladstone eventually uses it.  Isn't it called that in our database?  

I have (so far) had the following policy WRT story descriptions in the
Disney comics Database:
if a story has no title on its own, but it had one in a reprint,
the reprint title is taken using R: as a prefix. If it has no title anywhere,
an 'official' decription is used (D:). Mostly from the Carl Barks Library
in Color, or from the book "MM in Color".

In the case of the Gleam, the story was reprinted WITH a title, so that
R: overrides the "MM in Color" description. When Gladstone uses it, and
uses "The Gleam" as a story title, I can use that as an "official" title.
(If a story is reprinted twice with different titles, I just take one...)

Of course, I could change the 'policy'. But the idea was that titles in
reprints are a bit more "official" than descriptions outside the story.

**** end of boring Database stuff ****

Ole about Marco Rota:
> His best, IMHO, is however "Night of the Saracen", code unknown, another
> Viking story, except it's more like Arabian Nights.

I agree that the Saracen story is very good. But Rota's recent stories for
Egmont are getting worse.
BTW: The Saracen story appeared in a special comic in Italy, hence it has
no "normal" story code.

Ole again:
>  Harry: thank you for the 'Diznirep' files and data. Lasse could tell
> that you are a real programmer!

I hope you are able to compile and run the programs! And yes,
programming is part of my job (if that makes me a 'real programmer' 8-).

And I'd love to see your current Danish index!

> I've also got some comments on the database, but I'll gather some more 
> ammunition before I dump them onto you.

You're making me curious...
Thanks for the thanks.


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