Disney-comics digest #465.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Tue Oct 18 09:52:14 CET 1994

First, a message for eberndt at mirage.esd123.wednet.edu, who wrote:
> Do not send your leters (messages) to the list.

That goes for you too. Do not send leters to the list that have NOTHING to do
with Disney comics. There are other ways to reach many people through 

Hm... I didn't see my own messages in the Digest today. I hope they will
be there tomorrow (sigh).

David, about a new "old" Egmont MM story:
>       Do people want to see this in Gladstone's D&M?

I have not seen the story, but if you think the story is not very good,
maybe it's better to wait for a _good_ story. Since the story would
_introduce_ the new/old Egmont stories, a bad introduction could do too
much harm.

> And yes, I don't see why we can't just say something like:
> "Mattias -- in reference to what you said about [...]

I'm sure YOU can say that. And David and Mattias always do it that way as
well. But you are good in writing English. For me (and others), it's
a handicap to write in English. Every sentence is weighed 3 times before
it is sent out. Having to recollect the subject in my own words is just
an extra effort that I avoid by quoting you. I'm sure it cannot be the
intention to make it _difficult_ for people to write to this list.

But I agree that the quotes can (and should) be as minimal as possible.

Jon C. about Life of Scrooge chapter 5:
> Is that Bruce Hamiltons signature on the check on page 1?

Yes, I think so. I also noticed the difference: in the Dutch printing,
the signature was also by Carl Barks. I think Egmont changed it this way
in the European prints. The signature seems too obvious to be
in the original Rosa script.


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