Does Marvel distribute Gladstone?

James Williams James_Williams at
Fri Oct 21 20:39:51 CET 1994


You, Don, and a bunch of other people have commented on the fact that
Marvel doesn't seem to distribute Gladstone's comics to the newstand. 
I'm not sure how accurate that is.  First, if you visited the local
comic shops around here, you'd think Diamond didn't distribute
Gladstone comics either.  Second, The only place I've found that
carries an ample supply of each and every Gladstone comic is a newstand
about one mile from my house.  I only wish I'd discovered this place
before things like LO$ Chapter 1 was printed.  Third, Gladstone should
be able to tell by their return rates how well their comics are being
distributed and how well they are selling.

I do have one question though, the last time Gladstone printed their
circulation figures.  They listed returns as zero.  How?

James Williams

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