Donald as a sport fan.

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Sun Oct 23 20:36:31 CET 1994


>Where are the baseball stories? Football stories? Donald as a 
>basketball hero (might make a good story). Are these stories made
>and never published in the European market?

You know, that may be one of the reasons I enjoyed DD comics.  They weren't 
saturated by the sports mentality.  I have never been a sports fan, and 
have had to endure the long-winded sports fans who seem to believe that 
*everybody* should share there passion for sports. Some even imply that 
there must be something wrong with you if you don't share their 

Now in this part of the US, professional sports only make of a third the 
the complete males expected passion; the other two are hunting and fishing.
If you don't do any of those you must be quite perverse!

-Exit soapbox..

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