tallmo@nisus.se tallmo at nisus.se
Mon Oct 24 16:23:33 CET 1994


I have visited the WWW page and I agree with Trygve. It is a very good
start, although I got error messages too. But it is under construction, I

This could be a good "front end" for the Disney comics list, I guess. I
don't know how big you want this list to be, but the WWW page could
certainly show people in advance that this list is about comics and nothing

I recently had a little discussion privately with Dwight Decker about
copyright. Maybe it would be possible to show scanned images of important
panels from Disney comics on the WWW. Dwight assumed that if you "quote" a
panel or two in connection with, for instance, an article, a review or some
such, it wouldn't violate any law. I don't know. Dwight and I were talking
about printed stuff. It would be a nice feature, though.


KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, journalist, critic and HyperCard
programmer, living in Stockholm. Contributor of articles to Nordic dailies
and magazines. Writes about music, literature and computers. Also DTP,
Swedish grammar checking, translation, etc. through the private firm NISUS

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