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Tue Oct 25 00:27:07 CET 1994

About "The life of Donald Duck".
I must admit I _do_ know how Disney treats Donald. Puts him
into every role they can to squeeze money out of him.
But, this book says it was originally published in 1941
(if it hadn't, I wouldn't have cared to mention it). That 
means it  was published years before Tony Strobl's "This is 
your life Donald Duck", and also before Barks had "created" 
Donald Duck.

The WWW.
I've tried it. Nice. No problems.

Making a comic story.
James, thank you for taking your time to explain this. Now when
I've read it, I have a new question. You don't have to explain 
to the penciler how Scrooge looks like, of course, but do you 
explain everything else? Do you make a scetch of the panel, for

I think I'm very happy to be a Scandinavian :-)
I can just walk into almost any shop anywhere to get my daily,
er... weekly DD&Co.

Does Marvel put something on the frontcover of the Gladstones 
they distribute? And who is distributing Gladstones to the 
foreign market? (this market seems to be a quiet big share of
Gladstones total market...).

"Horsing Around with History"
I guess I've commented it enough, but I just saw a small article
in the newspaper "Aftenposten" (Norway's biggest non-tabloid 
newspaper) that slightly commented it. It was about the latest
Barks book issued in Norway (#11). It just said something like
"here's the _real_ Barks," and concluded that Barks has _done_ 
his good work. 
Don, if you want to see the (first issue of :) "Horsing Around 
with History", I could send you a copy (two issues).

Br'er Rabbit.
Does that mean "Brother Rabbit"?
I'm glad to see that someone who wants to make good stories plan
to write a story with him. I can't remember having seen a good
Br'er Rabbit story for years. They've also changed him the last
years. He's shorter, and, well, he doesn't really look like a 
rabbit anymore. He looks more like a cute little Disney-thing.
 The dialect will be lost in Norway, I'm afraid.

And now some non-Disney (sorry). As far as I've understood there
will be issued an album in France next week in the honor of 
Asterix. I think the price is 23 Francs. I'm not going to France
next week, I'm afraid... so I would be very much obliged if some-
one out there could get this for me.

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at

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