Life and T. of S. McD. chapter 5

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Tue Oct 25 09:37:49 CET 1994

Don, about Lo$ 5:
> No off register coloring in your issue of U$ #289?

I looked at the comic again and I see some VERY small colour shifts.
The 4th page has a shift to the right of less than 1 mm, and a few other
pages have even smaller shifts. I didn't notice them when I read the story
first, second and third, and I still didn't notice it when I compared
the story panel by panel with the Dutch version (which I use to do
to detect translation differences).

But now that I look at that story again: in the panels where Hortense
appears (2nd and 3rd page), they DID change her beak. They made it a
bit BIGGER. I had to look 3 times to see the difference, but there IS a

> maybe you can GET me one?

I wouldn't be able anyway, because Rosa issues are almost always sold out.
I have to reserve 2 issues of every Rosa comic in advance (one for me, and
one for Daniel van E.).


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