Donald Duck & Co #43

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Tue Oct 25 23:52:02 CET 1994

I just have to comment the last issue of Donald Duck & Co
(it was published today). It's really good.

It starts with a ten-pager by van Horn. It's about Donald 
and the nephews taking part in a contest. The goal is to
find a meteor rock in the desert. Donald has a book, by some
professor, to tell him how to find them (something familiar 
about that...) (D93490).

Next is a Dutch two-pager with U$ and the Beagle Boys (H89139).

Then a six-pager with Mad Madam Mim. Well, this isn't too good.
Mim is thrown out of her house, and she makes a lot of magic to
make the person who made the descision to change his mind.
Is it that difficult to make up something new? (D92294).

Then a Barks story. "Farragut the Falcon". No need to comment
this, I guess :)   (W/WDC47).
BTW: what does the 'W' before the slash mean?

Then, at last, is the real highlight, in my opinion. A Mickey
Mouse continuation story. That's not so great in itselves, but
this one is really good (at least so far)!
It's about Mickey assisting Professor Dustibones (yes, it's him),
in the search for fossiles. It must be inspired by Jurassic Park.
The dinos look very much like the velociraptors from the movie.
The art looks very much like the art in the "Bermudashorts 
Triangle". (D93323).

 Dustibones (about a colleage he doesn't like): "It's said that 
he has brought bulding materials and strange machines. That
sounds mysterious!"
  Says _he_!

Ah, yes, the hole thing ends with a one page gag with Donald.
(KF 8-11-46). Nice. The story-code is written on the side of
the table with Donalds telephone. It's written diagonally to
make it fit.

There are four ads, all for Disney products. Three for 
magazines published by Hjemmet (Mikke Krim (Mickey Mystery),
Ole Brumm (Winnie the Pooh) and Mikke Mus). 

Next week is a new "collector series" starting in DD&Co. It's
the book of the Junior Woodchucks...

And, apropos the discussion of sport in Disney comics, a story
about Donald being the coach of a soccer team is coming next
week. It seems to be about finding sponsors for the team. He
will try to get U$ as sponsor...

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at

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