Disney-comics digest #473.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Thu Oct 27 14:01:16 CET 1994

Nice to see Augie DeBlieck here. It seems all major 'stars' of Gladstone's
letter columns finally find their way here. When will Joe Torcivia join

About Br'er Rabbit
This character is called "Broer Konijn" in Dutch, which is, literally 
translated, "Brother Rabbit". The Dutch translations rarely use dialects,
and we have no "NyDutchsk".

The bear and the fox are called "Bruin Beer" and "Rein Vos" in Dutch. These
are the names of the animals in the mediaeval tale "vanden vos Reynaerde".

The Rabbit has been very popular in Holland in the 70s. In 1974, there
was a 1-page gag every week. Even Daan Jippes made a BR story.

Madam Mim
> Then a six-pager with Mad Madam Mim.

Your description looks _exactly_ like a Danish Mim story I remember.
Maybe it's a remake? (They did remakes before..)

A story code
Jo/rgen again:
> Then a Barks story. "Farragut the Falcon". No need to comment
> this, I guess :)   (W/WDC47).
> BTW: what does the 'W' before the slash mean?

I think it stands for "Western", the publisher of that comic (WDC 47).
I have seen this prefix in other Western stories. Sometimes it is 'WR',
like in "WR/WDC 147", which could be "Western Reprint" or so.


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