Disney-comics digest #421.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Sep 2 06:09:06 CEST 1994

	Why did I shift the camera over to crop out that extra "waddie"
in my copy of the old Barks' panel in "Lo$"#4? Again, I have trouble
recalling stuff from over 2 1/2 years ago. I guess I had no need of two
extra cowboys in my sequence, just one? I guess. By the way, don't try
to work the word "waddie" into conversations with Americans. I have
searched long and hard searching for any reference anywhere to something
called a "waddie" and have found none. I went so far as to write and ask
Barks himself once a few years back (pre-Weasel) and he said he couldn't
recall what it meant and that it must have just been a word from his
	Yes, showing $crooge learning different aspects of his
personality through the Lo$ was my whole intent. As for why editors
didn't change the reference to Rockerduck's father buying a horsewhip to
use on him -- well, that was a rather obtuse reference that would only
be inferred by the reader. And yet, what makes you think editors DIDN'T
edit it out? I'm sure they did, but how would I know since I can't read
foreign gibberish. I DO, however, have the British version, and in it
that panel shows Rockerduck asking to buy a buggy at that livery shop --
in other words, the reference to whips is deleted and the panel no
longer makes any sense in the storyline. So many readers must think I
write disjointed stories.

	Thanks for reconfirming that Egmont still plans to take me to
that book fair. But, no, after not hearing from Dick Brobeck for months
and months, I haven't happened to hear from him in the past few days.
And it is rather important that someone tells me the DATES that I'm to
be gone from home so I can make plans. Also, since I need to also buy
tickets and find funding for their purchase for my wife, I need to know
the exact flight plans as soon as possible. I assume Stefan is hinting
to someone that they should "touch base" with me?

	Speaking of Sweden, Egmont mentioned to me today that some
Swedish comic fans are suing the editor of the Egmont Disney weekly on
the basis that it is against Swedish law NOT to give artist and writer
credits and it's the editor's responsibility to obey the law. This is a
very noble and selfless thing for someone to be doing and paying for
themselves; and I think Egmont is interested in the outcome. It's DISNEY
that is preventing Egmont from putting those credits in while Egmont
WANTS to do so, and this will be interesting to watch. I wonder what
Swedish law says about denying the "creators" royalties off the use of
their work?
	Also, I found out that the next one of my stories to see print
won't be until January. That "Duck Who Never Was" story was used in
June, so this will be 7 months between my stories. Sweden will get a
delayed use of Lo$#12 in December, so it'll be a bit shorter for them. I
asked about what the delay time is right now, and this story I'm
currently doing about Columbus' lost charts will be printed probably in
October '95 -- that's 1 year from completion.

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