The Jippes situation

Larry Gerstein gerstein at
Tue Sep 6 01:22:23 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

        Now to comment as best I can on Don Rosa's comments about Jippes,
Grandey, and that whole quagmire.  First, though...

        "Grandey ... uses Barks as his shield, and people like Dana Gabbard
and Joe Torcivia and Daan Jippes will still kiss up to him regardless of
how he conducts himself or his business."

        Joe Torcivia?  How does HE "kiss up" to the Grandeys?  Simply being
friends with Dana Gabbard isn't enough, no matter what Gabbard has done
with or for Grandey.  Later by inserting a $ into one word you even suggest
Torcivia is on the Grandeys' payroll for something.  I guess there's
something going on I don't know...

        "Now that you've mentioned it, what brought up that subject with
Jippes? What does he know of this, or that famous FAX?"

        When I was inviting Jippes to my panel, he told me (in our final
conversation before the Convention itself) that he was interested in
meeting the "Carl Barks Studio" people at the Con.  No indication of what
he wanted to do with them.  So he only RECENTLY made his deal with the
Grandeys -- although I had forgotten this when talking with you on the
phone last week, Don, it must have been earlier in that same afternoon that
he spoke on the panel with us!  That *was* the only day that Jippes was at
the Convention.

        When Jippes originally told me that over the phone, I warned him
about the Grandeys saying that they were people he might do better to
avoid... I mentioned the FAX.  He had heard of it, but apparently not seen
it.  Sadly, I think that if he had seen it, he would have felt very
different about meeting with the Grandeys...

        More on this, Don, in a missive I'll send straight to you.  No need
to drag on in this digest, which many people pay for.

        I'll be back, folks!

        David Gerstein
        <gerstein at>

gerstein at

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