Mickey as a child counselor!

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Wed Sep 7 01:00:19 CEST 1994

On Mon, 5 Sep 1994, Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason wrote:

> Anyway, this is something I never ever saw in a Disney comic. 
> Stories that address real social problems? Never seen those in a Disney comic.
> Maybe this was the only time, but I wonder how it got past the editors.
> Could it be that the italian comics are more serious in this matter?

Well, I have seen this story and a few similar. In a couple of stories MM 
is an agent for WWF flying around the world and saves animals.

I think that the Italians have more liberty and don't need to be PC.

	Steamboat Willie


MATHIAS-METODEN Effektiv metod f|r fels|kning av program. Tillg}r s}
                att man l{gger handflatorna p} tangentbordet och sedan
                hamrar vilt i 20 minuter. Om programmet fortfarade
                lever, {r det idiots{kert. (Uppkallat efter Mathias
                B}ge, den enda hacker som kan knappra i bolero-takt p}
                ett tangentbord). Kallas {ven f|r ARMB]GSTESTET,
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