Disney-comics digest #426.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Thu Sep 8 05:46:56 CEST 1994

	Mickey as a protector of animals for the World Wildlife Fund is
one thing -- I would very probably want to do something like that with
that goodie-two-shoes sort of character (if I had to do anything) since
that's something that I am a strong advocate of. But Mickey in a story
about child abuse is something else altogether. Doncha think? Maybe not.

	Rereading my own message to the Digest, I see an unintended "?"
at the end of one sentence. I meant to say, NO, Pat Block did NOT do any
work for Oberon or any other Disney publisher (or any other publisher at
all, as far as I know). That out of place "?" seemed to say that I was
as curious as you were about the matter.

	Oh, golly, I have always declined to give opinions on other
Disney artists or writers since anything I say would be viewed in a
different light than it should be -- the same way I've learned that when
I make innocent gripes about other stuff on this Digest, somebody
usually thinks I'm picking on them rather than just being part of the
	Well... I'll say that I liked Pat's art, particularly his
backgrounds... in fact, so much that I glanced at that comic the last
time I drew some similar scenery. He seems to know the knack of showing
detail in spots and IMPLYING it elsewhere, whereas I don't know how to
do anything but draw ALL the detail. I thought his HD&L were often not
just good, but perfect, particularly in the very difficult profiles. His
DD and U$ were a little "off" still, but better than MY DDs and U$s in
"The Son of the Sun", doncha think? Just as a matter of personal
preference, I prefer Pat's style of art on Duck stories much more than
Van Horn's style, mainly because I view these as adventure characters
rather than slapstick stuff... even though I think Van Horn's a better
cartoonist than Block and me put together. (I just don't like George
Harriman writing and drawing Donald Duck... I'd rather see Frank
Frazetta or Burne Hogarth doing it.)
	And...uh...no, the story and dialogue in "Widow's Gap" left me
pretty cold. Lots of gaps in the logic and plot development, it seemed
to me. I was especially puzzled by that closing gag. 
	There -- you never got so much opinion from me before on here,
did you?

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