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Thu Sep 8 15:38:59 CEST 1994

...nonono, Don -- what I *said* was that I can't make it to Gothenburg (due to
concerts and rehearsals), but that Stockholm is still an open question, i.e.
I'm free to go there for all I know, but I'm not yet sure I can afford it.

And while Gothenburg is *closer* to Lund than Stockholm, it's not *quite*
within a walking distance: Lund--Gothenburg is 350 km (c. 235 miles) while
Lund--Stockholm is 600 km (c. 400 miles). So, OK, it's possible to go to
Gothenburg just for the day, and OK, it seems *now* that it's *just* possible
there'll be no rehearsals on Friday Oct 28th, so *if* I was to take a day off
from work I *might* make it to Gothenburg that day -- but I can't say yet
whether or not. Saturday Oct 29th is however defintely off, since there'll be
concerts and all sorts of things that day that require my presence here in

Still -- I do hope to see you somehow, and if you happen to pass through Malm|,
*or* Copenhagen -- hey, gimme a call, whydon'tcha?!

All my best


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