Disney-comics digest #427.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Sep 9 04:31:19 CEST 1994

	I haven't seen that new UNCLE $CROOGE ADV. yet, but just from
your brief description of the plot, I can tell that story is a very
direct swipe of "The Most Dangerous Game", an old story filmed MANY
times, most noteably in 1932 simultaneously with KING KONG by the same
director, stars and with the same sets. Maybe it's considered fair game
for swiping as the story is notorious as being swiped by filmmakers for
over a half-century.
	But I recall now that several years ago the Egmont editors
telling me about some story they had done that was stolen from an old
movie unbeknownst to them, and that some publishers in their satellite
countries complained about it.
	(Of course, I've been known to swipe from old movies myself! I
do always admit to it, even in the story itself if I can.)

	How does one write dialogue that is authentic to the character?
I never think about these things, anymore than I conciously think about
pacing or timing -- I just do it the way it seems to me that it
obviously should be done. But writing dialogue true to the characters is
the easy part -- it's more difficult to get it to say precisely what one
wants in as few words as possible, and make it have some life of its
own. But as for authenticity to the characters -- this sounds corny, but
the characters, if you REEEAAAALLY know 'em, take control of you when
you write their lines. They tell ME what they should be saying, or how
they should react to a given situation. Sometimes I want or need them to
say or react differently, but I don't have control over them; they tell
me the dialogue. Maybe I'm schizophrenic?

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