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 Slightly off-topic here, but... just *how* bad is 'The Lion King'
anyway? Danish cinemas has ordered the most copies ever of a single
movie to release it simultaneously at just about every major theatre.
 And what is it about John Lassiter/PIXAR doing a feature for Disney?

 Don, I still think you should do a poster! Don't Egmont ever ask?
How about a map of the good ol' US of A? No, even better: *two* maps;
one pre-Columbian and one present-day, to go with your current story.

> Has that Trojan horse story by Barks and Van Horn come out yet?
 Expect it to be published in Andres "Ond #41 (or #42) in time for the
school vacation, hopefully as a supplement (sorry, Suomians!)

 Me (about a Moe story):
> X 1048   11   42/69   'DD - a Peaceful Fishing Trip!'
>  Only a minor role for Moe here. (Drawn by Paul Arens)
> 1) The code implies that it was made in 1971. A typo?
 In Martin Olsen's index the code is given as X 048. Not better, so I
guess the "1" I can see is supposed to be a "7"
> 2) There is no Paul Arens in the creators index, but there is one *Mike*
>    Arens there. What gives?
 Just checking who's awake out there:) OK, I goofed; it's Pete Alvarado.

 I just *knew* I'd seen Moe in a "Onkel Joakim" pocket. Check out
Onkel Skrue pocket #12/78 for a 16 page, 3 strip Strobl, S-74178.

> Say, could you point out in which issues of AA&Co (and hence KA&Co) these
> [Fethry stories] appear?
> A lot of these stories are currently being indexed in the Disney comics
> Database, thanks to Anders Engwall. The problem is that most stories did
> not have a code in the 60s.
 As I've already shown, Danish issues did print codes in the 60es,
and I am at work on an update of the pathetic danish index on ftp, but
there's an enormous amount to cover - maybe a quarter of a million pages!
I've had to resign and copy Martin Olsen's 1949-84 index by hand at a rate
of at best a year per hour - and without titles in the north Brutopian
dialect commonly known as Danish to save time and space.
(Under consideration is adding a column with the cast of each story.
That would make it very easy to find stories with Popov and Paperinik
and funny cross-overs, like U$ and the 7 Dwarfs...
 Swedish.dbl has all the codes Anders could find in KA? I wondered why
it was so fragmentary, so checking my own copy of KA #42/71 only one
story was coded, where Danish AA had them ALL!
Nice touch with the American titles though, Anders.

"*Well* When are you going to think of something else you can beat me at?"

             oLe 'RoC' Nielsen c/o

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