Witch Hazel

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Wed Sep 14 08:56:58 CEST 1994

Which witch (inside joke for norwegians...)?

>I realize I should check the character index for a mention of Witch  
>Hazel, but does anyone remember off hand which story this was?

If I am not mistaken Witch Hazel is the same witch we call "Hekla Heks" 
(heks = witch) in Norway (Fredrik Ekman, are you reading this, the norwegian 
name is not in your INTERLIN file). She has been in a Barks story I would 
guess is named "Trick or treat" in America, where she helps HDL by 
"persuading" DD to give them sweats for Halloween. She has also made several 
appearances in the norwegian DD pockets which probably means some italian 
artists have used here now and then? But I'm starting to get out on real 
thin ice here, if noone else can dig up more information I'll check out some 
of the early DD pockets when I get home...

You really got me curious about a possible Eisner/Spirit connection...

Knut Hunstad

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