Disney-comics digest #433.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Fri Sep 16 17:34:49 CEST 1994


>Well....I haven't checked out Disney Comics on Compuserve, but
>I have a freeflag on com pub and comics there....

Your name isn't fimilar to me.  What do you do for a living?

>If you all think it would be worth it, I can post echoes of the Digest 
>up there & see if it will either stimulate the conversation there
>or send some new folks this way?

I'm not too keen on seeing this digest reposted on CI$.  I for one 
would act more cautiously if this was being crossposted to CI$.  I 
think if CompuServe's Disney section is going to survive (and I hope
it does), it has to do it on its own.  I've posted some stuff there 
this morning to try and stimulate conversation (i.e. from someone other
than Don and Tryg)   But, that is as far as I'm going.  If I don't get 
any decent responses, I'll end up reposting that stuff here.

James Williams

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