Barks in Sweden

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Wed Sep 21 09:29:39 CEST 1994

Dwight Decker:
Thank you for posting that translation. A few remarks:

> I believe Barks retired in 1966 from
> full-time funnybook work, though I don't recall just when he did
> his last Junior Woodchucks script (which might be where the 1973
> date comes from).

Barks delivered his last JW script ("Captains Outrageous" for JW #25) on 
March 30, 1973.

> While one of his paintings did change hands
> recently for $200,000, he hasn't done any new ones for quite some
> time (or am I misinformed?).

According to Grandey (in a TV interview in Holland - I posted a translation
a while ago), he did 2 paintings this year.

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