Who's reading this, anyway?

Trygve J Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Thu Sep 22 20:49:56 CEST 1994

> And a last thing about computer: those of you who work with a UNIX system,
> can very easily recover the list of the subscribers to the list simply
> typing
> vrfy disney-comics at minsk.docs.uu.se
> or, just to be sure
> vrfy -txxx disney-comics at minsk.docs.uu.se
> (xxx is any time you like) if your server is slow, too.

Thanks for the tip!  I tried it and it worked great!   I did have to 
specify a time greater than the default 60 seconds and, on my system at 
least, the time parameter has the format -t xxx instead of -txxx.  

Now this gave me a list of those who receive the messages directly, but 
those people who get digests are not their.  I would guess that they are 
on a different list. 

One interesting thing, I thought, was that two of the entries 
<disney-comics at ifi.uio.no> and <disney-comics at corp.portal.com> look like 
lists in themselves.   Now if they feed other lists, there could be quite 
a network of list readers out there... 


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