List and netnews

Even Flood Even.Flood at
Mon Sep 26 14:40:39 CET 1994

On 26 Sep 1994, Don Rosa wrote:

> 	......So, lots of people, mostly/enturely in Europe/Scandanavia,
> see every message I put into the Digest, but they are unable to reply or
> send a comment to me or the Digest?
> 	And do you suppose they all know that and don't try? Or do you
> suppose lots of people are constantly sending me/us comments and are
> puzzled/pissed that we refuse/decline to/two respond/answer.
> 	I/me started/began to/too get/become carried/toted away/off
> with/avec that/this slash/stroke business/bizniz.


Relax, I do not think it is of great importance, and that
all the true fans are here on the list. The fact that all traffic is on this 
list and not on the newsnet indicates that most of the ones interested 
realizes what is going on and where the Action is. 

Actually, it might mean that I am the only one reading the Newsnet
list (and that because I am too lazy to delete it). It is sort of 
surprizing that there is no activity on its own there.  


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