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Wed Sep 28 22:13:27 CET 1994

In article <366n4a$c3u at>, Even Flood <Even.Flood at> writes:
|> On 26 Sep 1994, Don Rosa wrote:
|> > 	......So, lots of people, mostly/enturely in Europe/Scandanavia,
|> > see every message I put into the Digest, but they are unable to reply or
|> > send a comment to me or the Digest?
|> > 	And do you suppose they all know that and don't try? Or do you
|> > suppose lots of people are constantly sending me/us comments and are
|> > puzzled/pissed that we refuse/decline to/two respond/answer.
|> > 	I/me started/began to/too get/become carried/toted away/off
|> > with/avec that/this slash/stroke business/bizniz.
|> > 
|> Don! 
|> Relax, I do not think it is of great importance, and that
|> all the true fans are here on the list. The fact that all traffic is on this 
|> list and not on the newsnet indicates that most of the ones interested 
|> realizes what is going on and where the Action is. 
|> Actually, it might mean that I am the only one reading the Newsnet
|> list (and that because I am too lazy to delete it). It is sort of 
|> surprizing that there is no activity on its own there.  
|> Even
I can't sit and watch this without responding anymore. I've just become
so confused about the mailing-list, the Digest, the newsnet, etc. etc.
these last days. I've been around on the Newsnet a couple of months
and I subscribed to fa.disney-comics because it seemed interesting.
I am not one of those hard-core disney-fans as some of the contributers
obviously are. I grew up in the sixies,but don't remember reading any
Disney-comics before 1970. In the seventies the stories were OK, but 
not more than that. Luckily I had this old aunt who had bought all
issues of Donald Duck & Co from the very beginning in Norway (1949?).
When I visited her I found the old stories much more fun than the new
I forgot all about it, but when I started to buy comics for my daugther
in the late eighties I began a little more research. I finally discovered
Carl Barks and I noticed that some of the new stories were really great!
There was this story about the Beagle-Boys (I've learned their English
names during my reading of the articles on Newsnet!) having this stop-watch
by which they could actually stop the time. There was also a story about
a gold island (?) raising from the see, timezones, etc. 
So I found out that this fabulous artist was called Don Rosa and I started
looking for other stories he had written. And then came Lo$ (correct
So you see, I just don't have that much knowledge to share about all this
little details in the stories, all the references to Barks' stories and
so on. But I do enjoy reading the discussions! I've learned a lot these
last months.
And know I understand that I don't belong to the good society. There is
a mailinglist where all the devoted fans are. Therefore the Digest and
all the talk about who the subscribers are.
OK, so maybe noone reads my message anyway (except Even?) so maybe
I should stop writing before I waste more of my precious time this
late monday night....

Jorn Heggset

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