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Mark Mayerson mayerson at sidefx.sidefx.com
Fri Sep 30 20:03:22 CET 1994

James Williams wrote:

> Is Frank King by any chance the
> person who also founded King Syndicates, the newspaper strip
> syndication group?

No connection whatever.  I'm pretty sure that King Features Syndicate was
William Randolph Hearst's.  

Check out The Smithsonian Book of Newspaper Comics (I may have the title
slightly wrong) by Martin Williams and Bill Blackbeard.  It reproduces some
King Gasoline Alley Sunday pages.  Besides reprinting lots of other good
stuff, it has a Mickey Mouse daily continuity by Gottfredson.

As for Moores' Gasoline Alley work being better than his Disney, I think
that Moores had a lot more freedom on the former than on the latter.

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