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Wed Apr 5 04:36:17 CEST 1995

DON and ALL:
That was me with the panicked price hike info.  You're right when you said
that what I wrote didn't sound like the whole truth.  It's because PREVIEWS
magazine, and the most recent CBG, did a horrific job of explaining the 
changes. I'm glad you cleared it up for me - thanks for asking.
However, as loathe as I am to admit it, I think I would rather pay the $2
and get the slick cover stock.  As someone else mentioned (Dwight?) it
serves a valuable purpose in protecting the comic. My oily fingers' 
residue is more easily wiped off the slick stock than the normal newsprint
or white paper. ;)
BUT NO LETTERS PAGES?!? ACK!  (sorry for screaming, but this is a letters 
hack worst nightmare.)  All those other missives that won't see print now.
And don't you worry, Don.  Come hell or high water, we will see all of Lo$
in America.  Our will is unbreakable.  Speaking of which, I just read the
latest installment - chapter 8 - and was mightily impressed.  And then I was
shocked - impressed, even - to see many of the same thoughts I had echoes 
in your text page - notably the climax bit, the legend part, and the changed
$crooge.  I really enjoyed this issue, and had a _ton_ of fun finding the
DUCK on the cover.  It's getting trickier and trickier every month.

...feeling his wallet thin out...

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