Gammel 88 op een zijspoor

M. Mitchell Marmel marmelmm at
Fri Apr 7 18:09:25 CEST 1995

>completely redrew the story for Denmark. That version was published here
>in Holland (Dutch title is in the subject).

And the title translates to-?  The '88' rings a bell, so that might have
been the steamer's number
>The story was written by Carl Fallberg, who apparently was (is) a railway
>freak. He wrote a lot of railway stories.

That would make sense, as the story was pretty accurate from a railroading
standpoint, if memory serves.

>The original art was by Strobl and Liggera.

Any idea on reprint dates?  I saw it in the 1970's; it was either in a
digest or in one of the period reprint titles.

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