Dwight and Mitch in digest #632.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Apr 10 10:00:23 CEST 1995

> "Freak" in the sense of fan
> or enthusiast has the dated feeling of incense and love beads.

Should I change the word in my signature, then?

> Is it my imagination or has the amount of mail on this ML dropped off 
> considerably lately?

There could be a connection with the fact that David Gerstein is on
holiday (er, I mean: vacation, or urlaub)...

Mitch about "Gammel 88 op een zijspoor":

> And the title translates to-?  The '88' rings a bell, so that might have
> been the steamer's number

My dictionary says "gammel" means "ramshackle" (unlike the Scandinavian
equivalent, which means just "old"). "Gammel 88" is the name of
the train. "Op een zijspoor" is something like "on a side track".

I have no information about reprints. Our database does not list them
(I copied the reprint data from Becattini's index).

> [...] or in one of the period reprint titles.

What is a "period reprint title"?


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