Disney Comics Digests 632 & 635

Peter Coenen IGV039 at ZAM001.ZAM.KFA-JUELICH.DE
Wed Apr 19 09:42:48 CEST 1995

Subject: Re Disney-Comics Digests 632 & 635


  Once again, please excuse my late answer. The computer which is connected with
Internet is at the place my father works. So he has to copy all the e-mail for
me to
a disk and take it home, what he doesn't do every day, BTW, where I get to read
the hole stuff.
Then I write my mails, save them on a disk, my father takes it with him the next
and so on. All that can sometimes last a few days... From tomorrow on I even
have to do the
hole stuff with my old amiga computer, because my PC has only been loaned. In
late August I will
go to America for ten months via a student exchange. I hope that my host parents
will have an
internet access, then the hole stuff will become easier.
  Another thing: It was my father who subscribed me to this list, but under his
name (Peter),
but it is me (Danny), who writes all the mails under that address. OK?
  The text I translated for you is out of the "Comic Speedline"-magazine, which
appears bi-
monthly in Germany. It is rather hard to get it, normally you can only buy it in
comic stores. The article was written by a guy called Martin Budde, and of
course Comic
Speedline and the Walt Disney Company have the copyright. There was also a
story of you (AR 109) in the December edition. During the next days I will
continue my work
on the translation, I think. The (great) message of your trip to Germany I
received by a note
in the "Tock Tock" magazine, which is a FREE information mag about the comic
books of Feest
Comics and the Ehapa Comic Collection of the German Disney publisher Ehapa. It
is mailed
to me twice a year, but is also available in book stores. By the way, in this
mag I first
heared about you and your Life of Scrooge stories.


 The German translation for FREE LUNCH is somethin like "Essen kostenlos". In
the German
version of Lo$ 8 they just used "Kostenlos" (FREE), and so it fitted perfectly
on the l'il sign.

 Danny Coenen (!) via f.coenen at kfa-juelich.de

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