Thanks Don Cdoberman at
Tue Apr 25 03:36:42 CEST 1995

DON:  Again, it was a pleasure meeting you at Wonder Con, and thank you for
defacing my Uncle Scrooge cover with your autograph.  I hope your tail
feathers survived that stool.

You have asked twice now, "Who is CDoberman?"  Well, that really is the
question, isn't it.  Cdoberman, as you know is Captain Doberman, but who is
he *really?*  I'm sure it's a question each of us has asked at one time or
another. I've spent a little time admiring his exploits, and yet he is
somewhat of a chameleon;  coming to know the canine can be confusing.  My
first encounter was in Floyd Gottfredson's "Sky Island."  In this story,
Captain Doberman is a dashing, debonair, Clark Gable-esqe Air Force
commander.  My next encounter was in the older story, "Mickey, Mail Pilot,"
and Captain Doberman seemed to be somewhat of a Sad Sack mutt.  This more
accessible character inspired me greatly.  I think it was the fact that
Captain Doberman would one day overcome his sloppy ways to achieve heroics,
most likely inspired by his association with the Mouse.  I found great
comfort in this tale of personal redemption, sketchy as it might be.  And for
me, that is as good an answer as I can give to the question, "Who is
Cdoberman?" ;)

Wes Andersen

"But, Mickey!  It's SUICIDE!  We'll be KILLED!  How'll we ever land without
wheels?" -- Captain Doberman

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