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Fabio Gadducci gadducci at DI.UniPi.IT
Wed Aug 9 17:56:13 CEST 1995

Harry wrote:

>I envy you. You've met the famous Fabio Gadducci! I hope I can meet him
>too, one day. 8-)

Ok, I see that you have not exactly missed me... :-)

It is nice to write again, even if I do not have exactly any interesting
news to add. I just want to say hello to all the people I met at
S.Diego: it has been great to be there, and the panel was really
funny, expecially when David kept on talking, and talking... ;-)
(Hi, Barry: not to talk about I.D., hum?)
Since I'm here, I`ll add some information about the new Zio Paperone that
are aimed mainly to Don (congratulations again for the Eisner), but could
be interesting for all.
Sadly, I have not yet come back to Italy, and I have not yet
seen the Zio Paperone with the first episode of Life of $crooge.
But I knew, Don,  about the index on the Barks stories (edited in this case by
Franco Fossati), the reprints, the new covers, etc. Most of these
information had been announced in the previous issues of the monthly.
The hidden director
of all this is Luca Boschi. He tried also to use the
suggestions about coloring you made (the hair of the ducks should
be white in the Italian edition), but he told me he had to fight and to
make some concessions to the guys at Disney Italy. In particular, it
seems that it was impossible to reprint your own comments about the
series, even if I really do not understand why. And as usual, it is not
that the people at Disney Italy did not want to contact you. I'm sure
they really do not know how! Actually, it is already some time that I have
not talked with the  people there, but I'm quite sure the situation is as 
messy as usual in Milan.
Anyhow, I hope to meet Luca Boschi next week, and to figure out what's
happening (in particular, if it is possible to make the Disney people send you
copies of Zio Paperone). 
And I'll tell him about your rewriting of the last episode.
Anyhow, you know the Italian situation quite well. Actually, the story
about the lawyer is completely true. And all happened 'cos he read my
article about you on If...

That's all for now. See you later.


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