Another Mailing List?

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Thu Aug 24 08:51:28 CEST 1995

> Today I found a book called 'The Golden Directory to the Internet'.
> I looked at 'Disney comics' and I found the following Mailing list:
> 	Disney-Comics at
> Is that the same as "Disney-Comics at"?

Yes, it is. It's just a different address of the same mailbox, so to say.
It is clear that that "Golden" book did not get the information from an
"official" source.

> It also said that this [..] was about Disney-comics AND Disney-CARTOONS.

This mailing list is about Disney COMICS only. There are other (crowded)
newsgroups and mailing lists about cartoons, theme parks, and Disney on TV.
On this list, one can talk about almost anything, as long as:
- it's about DISNEY, and
- it's about COMICS
(Hm.. Disney-Comics is quite an accurate name for this list...)


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