Art's list of countries

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Mon Aug 28 09:53:24 CEST 1995

ART, 6 remarks:

1. Look at last year's Dutch DD Weekly. They had several pages (spread over
the year) with all kinds of foreign Disney comics. Including Estonia
("Estland") and Latvia (?) ("Letland"), which aren't on your list yet.

2. Brazil produces their own Disney STORIES, so it's unlikely they get
their comics from Portugal. I think all Portuguese comics are from Brazil.

3. The countries listed on the cover (with prices) is not a full indication
that the comic is THE Disney comic in that country. Dutch comics have
Spanish prices during the summer. German comics not only list Austria
and Switzerland, but also Luxemburg, The Netherlands and others.
Maybe the Columbian comics also list the price in Argentina, while
Argentina also has (or had) their own comics.

4. YOU told me (quoting Becattini) that Argentina had an own production
in the 40s. So there must have been an Argentinan comic as wel. Maybe it's
the same situation as in Belgium: they had their own comic in the past only.

>  This row shows the countries, in which Disney
>  comics are PRINTED. So NOT the countries in
>  which comics are distributed, but printed
>  in another country!

5. I don't think the country of the PRINTER should be listed, but of the
EDITOR. A lot of Dutch comic books are printed in Belgium or Italy (mostly
noted on the last internal page of the book). Dwight once mentioned that
all pocket books are printed on the same place, and he has a German
Lustiges Taschenbuch (pocket book) with some Dutch pages in it.


6. Lapland is not a country. I think you should list Norway only, with the
remark that they also published versions in Sami (Lapland) and Nynorsk.


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